10-Day  Movement program

Clear your Mind.

Relax your Body.

Add Balance.

Start your 10-day routine, get guided by audio tracks and access your inner resources. It takes only a few minutes per day. Start now. It's free.



About us

We are a team of change workers from Sweden, Germany and South Africa who share the same vision to change the world for the better. We are all experts in our fields, communication and change and are all certified Communicologists.

Our mission is to help you reconnect with your inner resources and expand your natural capacities. 

With our specifically designed programs you’ll learn how to train your brain, helping you to achieve a relaxed, connected, calm, mentally and emotionally stable state of mind and body. 

This is us: Erik, Maria, Stefan and Lee.

About Neuromotoric Stimulation

NMS (Neuromotoric Stimulation) is an activity that stimulates our brain through movement in slow tempo, focus on breathing and sensual awareness, creating changes on many different levels within our system.

You maybe know some of these methods: Tai-chi, Yoga, Qi-gong, Feldenkrais or Mindfulness. 

They all rely on the same principles and stimulate our Neuro-Motoric basis in different ways.

NMS focuses on the key-factors making these methods successful. It present these elements, which have been proven to work effectively in creating balance within our body and mind, in a simple way - without any cultural or spiritual connections.